Compendium Living has the resources to draw specialised staff from both its shareholders, as needed. In addition, to deliver the complex and long-term projects that are its life-blood, Compendium Living also has a small, dedicated core team of people that operate the business and manages our project activity and client relationships.

Bruce Lister, Managing Director

Bruce took over as Managing Director in April 2022, following the retirement of our previous MD, Dave Bullock.  With a degree in Town & Country Planning, Bruce has worked in residential development and regeneration for 40 years, nearly 20 years’ of this at senior Director level.  He started his career at the Muir Group Housing Association, progressing to Director level during his 10 years there.

Bruce left the Muir Group in 2001 to work in housing and regeneration consultancy, first with Tweeds and later with Optima Housing Consultants Ltd.  During this time, he delivered project management services on Housing Market Renewal projects across Greater Manchester, Merseyside and South Yorkshire.

In 2005, Bruce joined Lovell Partnerships Ltd, working in their north-west region.  Here he shaped their regional development strategies, and established and led a number of major regeneration projects.  These include the award-winning Miles Platting PFI, a £235m project to transform a 264-acre inner-city housing estate in East Manchester into a thriving urban village, including the development of nearly 1000 new homes.

At Lovell North West, Bruce was also responsible for their design and technical functions, leading a team of people that included design coordinators, engineers and external consultants to manage the delivery of complex regeneration schemes across Manchester and Merseyside.  He remained with Lovell for nearly 20 years before moving to his new role here at Compendium Living.

Now that his children have grown up, Bruce has finally offloaded most of his parental responsibilities, allowing him to pursue what his family call his unsociable motorcycling interests.

Wendy Lister, Project Manager


Despite the coincidence of surnames, Wendy and Bruce are not related.  Wendy has been with Compendium Living since 2008, having spent the previous 17 years working in a variety of roles within major RSL, The Riverside Group.  Those roles included marketing, business development and major project delivery such as stock transfers and PFI schemes.

Prior to this, Wendy’s first employment was as an administrator for academic staff at a major university.  She spent an enjoyable and interesting 10 years there, before moving on to join Riverside (then known as Merseyside Improved Houses) in 1991.

Wendy co-ordinates Compendium Living’s business development and corporate marketing.  She also provides project management support, and oversees branding and PR, community engagement, consultation and stakeholder communications across all of our live projects.

Wendy has a passion for photography – mainly wildlife and landscapes.  She also shares Bruce’s interest in motorbikes (still no relation though!), and particularly enjoys watching Moto GP.